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Procedural and Object Oriented Paradigms, Features of OOPS, classes and objects
History of Java, Features of Java
Java Tokens – Character Set, Keywords, Identifiers, Variables and Constants, Data Types
Operators, Structure of Java Program, Java Input / Output Statements
Simple Programs and Introduction to Control Statements
Unconditional and Conditional Control Statements – if, programs on “if” statement
Switch statement, Looping statements, while, do..while, for loops
Programs on Looping Statements
Introduction to Arrays, Single, Double & Jagged Arrays
Introduction to OOP Programming in Java, Access Specifiers
Simple programs on classes & objects, Intro to Constructors, Types of Constructors
Methods, Parameter Passing, static keyword
this keyword, overloading methods and constructors
Garbage Collection, Building Strings and String class
Intro. to Inheritance, types of Inheritance, super and sub classes, member access rules
Constructors in Inheritance, super keyword. Preventing Inheritance (final keyword)
Method Overriding, abstract keyword (methods and classes)
Intro to Interfaces. Diff b/w interface and abstract class, Implementing Interfaces
Dynamic method dispatch (Runtime Polymorphism)
Intro to Packages, Creating and accessing packages, understanding CLASSPATH, importing
Exception Handling. Benefits, Checked and Unchecked Exceptions. Use of try and catch blocks, Built-in Exceptions
throw, throws and finally keywords and creating user defined exceptions
Intro to Multithreading. Diff b/w Process and Thread. Thread life cycle, thread methods and implementation of Threads. Thread Priorities. Thread Synchronization
Inter-thread Communication (Producer – Consumer Problem).
Collection Framework in Java. Hierarchy of Collection Framework. Generics and Commonly used Collection classes. Array List Example.
Vector, Stack
Linked List, Priority Queue, HashSet, TreeSet, for – each loop
HashMap, TreeMap, Iterator, Enumeration
Stream classes in Java. File input output operations using Byte stream and character stream classes
Writing/Reading objects into a File. Random Access file operations
Intro to JDBC, Types of Database Drivers used in Java, Type 1 Driver Configuration
CRUD operations using Type 1 Driver. Introduction to Type 4 (thin) Driver
CRUD Operations using Type 4 Driver.
Applet Programming in Java. Intro to applet, Life Cycle of an Applet, awt and awt.event packages
ActionListener, MouseListener, MouseMotionListener, KeyListener
Passing parameters to Applets, Applet Security Issues




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