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Computer hardware basics                                                  Networking addresses

Binary, hexadecimal number systems                            Routing Protocols

Basic networking terminology                                         Routed Protocols

Internetworking concepts                                                NETWORK OPERATIONAL PARAMETERS

Major components of network system                           Display network operational parameters

Clients and servers                                                          Bridging

Network interface cards (NICs)                                       Switching

Internetworking devices                                                  Spanning Tree protocol

Media and topologies                                                      Purpose and operations

Major network access methods                                      VLANs

Key features of each                                                       Trunking

Switching technologies                                                   SMALL NEWORKING ENVIRONMENT

Functions and operations                                                Configure a switch and router

IP addressing                                                                    Troubleshoot a switch and router

Classes                                                                             Implementing VLSM

Reserved address space

Subnetting                                                                        OSPF

IP address scheme                                                           Configure, verify, and trouble shoot

Calculating valid sub network addresses

Calculating mask values                                                  EIGRP

Local Area (LAN)                                                              Configure, verify and trouble shoot

Wide Area (WAN)

Remote access services                                                   ACL

Cisco internet operating systems (IOS)                           Configure, verify, and trouble shoot

Cisco catalyst Switches and Routers

Network discovery and management                                        Virtual private networks (VPNs) Solutions

Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)                                      Introduction to ipv6 Addressing

Telnet                                                                              Introduction to Wireless   LAN’s

Trivial   FTP (TFTP)                                                          Build a functional router configuration


Basic concepts of operating system                               Installation of Linux

Kernel                                                                              User management

Shell                                                                                Group management

File system structure                                                                 File Permissions

Basic concepts of Linux                                                   Disk Partitioning.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Vs Fedora
Basic commands in Linux

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