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Graphic Designing

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Overview of Adobe Photoshop.

Types of Color Modes.

Difference between Vector & Raster

Versions of Photoshop

Usage / Importance of Photoshop

How to Start / Access Photoshop

Photoshop & other file extensions can we create

Creating a New Document and explaining of various page sizes and margins.

Creating various Document Sizes

Set up Margins

Selection Tools

Lasso Tool

Polygon Lasso Tool

Magnetic Lasso Tool

Rectangular Marquee Tool

Elliptical Marquee Tool

Explaining and Usage of Pen Tool.

Pen Tool

Free Form Pen Tool

Path Selection Tool

Direct Selection Tool

Explaining about various Type tools with an Example

Horizontal Type Tool

Vertical Type Tool

Explaining about Image Editing Tools.

Healing Brush Tool

Patch Tool

Red Eye Tool

Dodge Tool

Sponge Tool

Smudge Tool

Blur Tool

Explaining about Stamping Tools and History Brush Tools

Clone Stamp Tool

Pattern Stamp Tool

History Brush Tool

Art History Brush Tool

Explaining about Gradient Tools and How to apply

Gradient Tools

Types of Gradients

Explaining about Custom shapes and Selection Tools

Magic Wand Tool

Quick Selection Tool

Crop Tool

Slice Tool

Slice Select Tool.

Creating Animation by using custom shape and other Tools

Multi Layer Animation

Single Layer Animation.

Saving file format of Animation.

Explaining about Quick Mask and usage of it

Selection of Area

Explain how to Trace an Image by using brush and pencil Tools

Tracing by Reference.

Explaining about how to convert a color image to black and white and black and white to color?

Color Corrections

Explaining about 3D Tools

How to navigate the 3D objects.

What is the main usage of 3D Tools.

Explaining the File Menu

Explaining the Edit Menu

Explaining the Image Menu

Explaining the Image menu along with Adjustments

Explaining the Blending Modes and Options

Explaining the Layers Menu

Explaining the Select and Analysis Menu

Explaining about Filters Menu

Explaining the 3D Menu

Explaining the View Menu

Explaining the Window Menu